Ranking without links is really hard. Rankings are made with links.

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Link Building Techniques
22 SEO Link Building Methods for 2022

Link Building has been called dead for years. The rules of 2003 certainly changed, and those who could not learn and adapt to the ever-changing rules and increased requirements on skills, tools, details then, of course, had to give up on their link building tricks. Google confirmed that links are the No.1 ranking factor and said Ranking without links is really really hard. The Google Core Algorithm is based on links, and that hasn’t changed since the inception of Google.

Link Building Scams
10 Ways your Link Building Agency can Scam You, and probably does.

An observation in link selling It occurred to me that a lot of popular SEO and link building companies are selling links in a very inappropriate fashion based on my experience.

Links with Traffic
What are Links With Traffic?

What are Links with Traffic, and how do you get them? I’ve been confused about a ’new standard in links with traffic’ when it was all about links getting traffic from organic rankings.

Golden Rules of Link Building
7 Golden Rules of Link Building for 2022 and beyond

The original Golden Rules of Link Building updated for 2022 and beyond. Revisited and updated of the original Golden Rules for 2022.

NoFollow 2.0
Impact of NoFollow 2.0, UGC and Sponsored Link Attributes

NoFollow Links were handled differently by Google starting Sept 10, 2019. NoFollow Links from other sites that implemented a NoFollow link policy as a blanket rule before can now affect you, when they did not before.

Dejan SEO Manual Action
Dejan SEO Manual Action for Toxic Links - Analysis and Reconsideration Request

Google gave dejanseo.com.au, the domain of Dejan Marketing, a harsh manual action that led to a loss in rankings for even for their brand name Dejan SEO.

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