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End Time Journal

Welcome to the End Time Journal. The End Time is the period of human history––in all the dominant world religions––that comes just before the death, judgment, and final destiny of humanity. Even science has proposed various scenarios of the origin, development, and fate of the universe.

This website concerns itself with the Christian view––as a time of trial and persecution preceding the second coming of Christ that ushers in the Kingdom of God.

Since Christians hold conflicting views on the subject, we urge you not to debate your positions. Whatever your views, try to draw all your conclusions from the Bible with Christ is your Teacher, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Please read our articles, study with us, and join our forums with a humble, Christian spirit.

In the end, we will all benefit from the interaction and fellowship.

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APRIL 2021 Newsletter

Keep it Simple, Silly

Among the great academic controversies in history, the rivalry between Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz stands out as one of its most unpleasant.

Both men took credit for inventing calculus, the branch of mathematics that deals with the rates of change between moving bodies. Leibniz published his findings in 1684, 3 years before Newton published his in 1687. Newton, however, actually addressed the subject 13 years before Leibniz, in a treatise from 1671 that remained unpublished until 1736. Nevertheless, Newton's work originally appeared in Volume 1 of his, "Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy" from 1687. To refute the work of French mathematician Rene Descartes. he used geometry to express his research rather than equations that would have been easier to recognize. By taking a more complicated approach, Newton denied himself the recognition he truly deserved for his discovery!

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