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The Oxford-American Dictionary defines an archive as: a collection of historical documents or records providing information about a place, institution, or group of people. It can also refer to: the place where such documents or records are kept. Welcome to our vault.

After thirteen years, we have completed our transition to end time ministry, renaming the fourth issue this year End Time Journal to reflect the change. While former issues express similar views, we now realize that the institutional phase of Christianity has ended and that the time has come to move on. Returning to the house church, family-based model Jesus gave to His disciples, we now equip and train homes to reach out for Christ under last days conditions.

End Time Journal is the new chronicle of our efforts to unite people with the heavenly High Priest who died for us on the cross and will shortly return for us from heaven. It will include the same Christ-centered articles, only with a stronger end time bent than ever. We will prepare people for ministry without institutions to attend, organize, or even supervise the Gospel work––as Christ readies us for the Kingdom, as only He can.

Bon appetit!


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